Camera related offences are although issued by Transport NSW (the new RMS) the enforcement and management of the infringement notice is managed by Revenue NSW.


If you have received a camera detected notice you should always check the photographs that were taken and details carefully. You can request the photographs online through NSW Revenue. Despite common misconceptions the camera are not designed to take a photograph of the driver. The cameras are designed to capture the vehicles model, number plate, speed and lane.

If you’re named on the penalty notice and responsible for paying the fine, you can view the photo of your offence online. You can also request to see the photo if you have a lawful interest.


Types of Cameras that used in NSW: There are several types of camera that may capture a driving, parking or traffic offence.

Speed Accurately measure how fast a vehicle is going. They use electronic sensors in the road and radars to monitor multiple lanes of traffic.
Red-light speed Detect when a vehicle is over the stop line when the traffic light is red. One photo is taken of the licence plate and a second photo is taken to make sure the vehicle continued into the intersection. These are both red-light and speed cameras.
Safe-T-Cams Heavy vehicle fatigue, registration and safety station entry monitoring.
T-way lane Installed beside the lane and record three images of any unauthorised vehicle using a T-way lane.
Bus lane Detect unauthorised vehicles in a bus zone, by using two cameras to read number plates.
Average speed Measure how long a vehicle takes to travel between two points. An offence occurs when the average speed is above speed limit.



Camera Detected Offences

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