Spent Convictions in NSW

Spent Convictions, What are they? A spent conviction is a scheme where after a period known as the ‘waiting period’ or ‘crime-free period’ a conviction is ‘spent’. The waiting period in NSW and for commonwealth offence is a period of 10 years as an adult and 3 years otherwise. Where an offence is capable of […]

I have a Criminal Infringement Notice CIN what should I do?

What is a Criminal Infringement Notice or CIN? A Criminal Infringement Notice or CIN is essentially an infringement notice or a ‘on the spot’ fine or ticket for certain offences.   Is a CIN a criminal conviction? A CIN is not a matter that will automatically result in a recording of a criminal conviction, UNLESS […]

Fail to stop and give particulars following a collision

It is an obligation on all drivers in NSW to stop at the scene of an accident and give personal details and/or particulars to the other driver, any person injured, or the owner of damaged property as a result of a collision regardless of who is at fault.   The maximum penalty for this offence […]

Apprehended Violence Order Compliance Checks

The NSW Police Force have initiated a policy of knocking on the doors of victims and/or personed named in the apprehended domestic/personal violence orders (AVO), checking on the safety of victims and their families, inquiring if AVO’s are being complied with and ensuring no breaches are occurring. While traditionally these checks were utilised for high […]

Laws Surrounding Fireworks? Are Fireworks legal in NSW?

The short answer is No, unless you have a license to purchase, use, store, manufacturer, supply and transport fireworks than it is illegal to possession, let off or supply fireworks. Can I obtain a licence? There are two main licence types when it comes to the use of fireworks. Firework Single Use licence (FSULL) This […]

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