Understanding what a Plea in Mitigation means

If a person pleads “guilty” in a criminal case there will be an opportunity to address the Court before sentencing. This oral address is made, usually by the offenders lawyer, in an endeavor to ensure the minimum sentence possible in the circumstances and to assist the Court in sentencing the offender. The representations made by […]

The importance of character references in a Court case

If you know someone who is being sentenced in Court and they ask you for a character reference do you know what to do? The purpose of a character reference for a person who has pleaded guilty to a criminal or traffic matter is to bring to the Court’s attention details of good character about […]

Interlock Orders in NSW

Interlock orders in NSW is an order made by the court when a person is sentenced to an alcohol of alcohol related driving offence, such as drinking driving (PCA). The interlock order typically follows a period of suspension or disqualification and requires participation in the program for a period of time. The period of time […]

ENGAGE Program for Domestic Violence

ENGAGE is for men over 18 who are at court for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order application or a Domestic Violence (“ADVO”) charge. Participants can also come from recommendations and/or requirements with NSW Community Corrections. ENGAGE is a brief voluntary intervention for perpetrators of intimate partner violence. ENGAGE is free and includes a six hour workshop and referrals to […]

MERIT Program

The Magistrate Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT) is a program that treats adult offenders who have an admitted illicit drug problem, with the view of reducing drug related crime. This is a voluntarily program. Magistrates have the discretion to considers your compliance with the treatment program, and individuals who complete MERIT are often considered to […]

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