I have a Criminal Infringement Notice CIN what should I do?

What is a Criminal Infringement Notice or CIN? A Criminal Infringement Notice or CIN is essentially an infringement notice or a ‘on the spot’ fine or ticket for certain offences.   Is a CIN a criminal conviction? A CIN is not a matter that will automatically result in a recording of a criminal conviction, UNLESS […]

Laws Surrounding Fireworks? Are Fireworks legal in NSW?

The short answer is No, unless you have a license to purchase, use, store, manufacturer, supply and transport fireworks than it is illegal to possession, let off or supply fireworks. Can I obtain a licence? There are two main licence types when it comes to the use of fireworks. Firework Single Use licence (FSULL) This […]

Common protest related offences

There are a number of offences that Police will use where they are faced with a protest, large scale gathering and/or public assembly. The most common offences when dealing with protests are: Obstructing traffic A person, without a reasonable excuse (proof of which lies on the accused), cannot prevent the free passage of a person […]

Good Behaviour Licence and breaches in NSW

A good behaviour licence is a class or type of licence issued to an unrestricted licence holder who have meet and/or exceeded 13 demerit points in NSW.  This licence lasts for a period of one year. This means you get to keep your licence on the basis that you did not receive any infringements which […]

Electronic signing of legal documents during COVID-19

New South Wales has introduced temporary legislation to allow for electronic signing during the COVID-19 crises under the Electronic Transactions Amendment (COVID-19 Witnessing of Documents) Regulation 2020  by using Audio Visual Links. What is an audio visual link? An Audio Visual Link is often referred to as AVL  and is simply any technology that enables […]

COVID-19 Restrictions from 30 March 2020

What can’t I do? You cannot without reasonable cause, leave your place of residence unless you are undertaking particular activities. Some reasonable excuses are: Legal obligations Obtaining food or other goods or services for personal needs of the of the household or household for a vulnerable person Travelling for the purposes of childcare Exercise Obtaining […]

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