First Home Buyer Schemes and Grants

First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme Full or partial exemption on transfer duty (stamp duty) when buying your first home under the nominated threshold. Requirements 1. Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia 2. At least 18 years old 3. Buying your first home This can be an established or new home and also includes land. […]

Changes to Stamp Duty from 1 August 2020 during COVID-19

These changes are part of a range of changes made by the New South Wales Government under the COVID-19 Recovery Plan. From 1 August, 2020 and for the next 12 months thresholds for exemption from payment of stamp duty for first home buyers who buy new homes or vacant land.   NEW HOMES Pre 1 […]

Deposit Bonds

What is a deposit bond? A deposit bond is essentially like an insurance policy or bank guarantee for money that is need for a deposit when purchasing a property. No money actually exchanges hands, and all purchase funds or monies are dealt with at settlement, when the monies are paid in full the deposit bond […]

Is a reverse mortgage really a good idea?

A reverse mortgage is essentially money being advanced to a person who owns their home. There are no repayments and the loan amount and accumulated interest is deducted from the sale of the property.   Reverse mortgages need to be treated with great care, the interest on these lines of credit can be so great […]

Pool Compliance

All properties being put on the market in NSW with a swimming pool or spa must be registered and have one of the following: valid certificate of compliance OR   valid certificate of non-compliance OR relevant occupation certificate issued within the last three years.   The pool must be registered before the property is able to […]

Which one is right for you? Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common

When you purchase a property there are two main ways to determine the ownership. It is not a simple question as to which category of ownership you choose and choosing the incorrect or inappropriate one can have major implications in death, changes of ownership or in the event of a breakdown between the ownership relationship. […]

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