Fail to stop and give particulars following a collision

It is an obligation on all drivers in NSW to stop at the scene of an accident and give personal details and/or particulars to the other driver, any person injured, or the owner of damaged property as a result of a collision regardless of who is at fault.   The maximum penalty for this offence […]

Removing or Appealing a Licence Disqualification

If you currently face a lengthy disqualification period and have complied with this a period of two or four years offence free (depending on your case) and you have not been convicted of certain driving offences involving death or grievous bodily harm, then you may be eligible to remove or appeal your licence disqualification. Every […]

Reviewing or appealing an Infringement Notice

The idea of appealing an infringement notice is not technically correct, when you are seeking a review of a penalty notice to that the authority will withdraw and/or caution the offence in questions.   When reviewing your fine, Revenue NSW will take into account your personal circumstances. This means that you should tell us if […]

I have received an infringement notice, what do I do?

An infringement notice is commonly referred to as a fine, ticket, TIN or CIN and penalty notice. These are all essentially the same thing; the Fines Act 1996 refers to all these notices as penalty notices. There are two main types of infringement notices firstly, those issues by the NSW Police Force or another agency […]

Should I complete the Traffic Offender Program?

The traffic offender program (TOP) or the Traffic Offender Intervention Program (TOIP) is a road safety course. It is designed to provide drivers with the information and skills necessary to develop positive attitudes to driving and to change driving behaviour by developing safer driving behaviours.   The content of these programs are regulated by the […]

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