Drink Driving and the Alcohol Interlock Program NSW

In New South Wales, driving after consuming alcohol is regulated by the Road Transport Act 2013 and the Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Act 1977. These acts set out the legal framework for drink driving offences, prescribed blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits, and the penalties associated with violating these limits. These offences are taken very […]

Understanding what a Plea in Mitigation means

If a person pleads “guilty” in a criminal case there will be an opportunity to address the Court before sentencing. This oral address is made, usually by the offenders lawyer, in an endeavor to ensure the minimum sentence possible in the circumstances and to assist the Court in sentencing the offender. The representations made by […]

The importance of character references in a Court case

If you know someone who is being sentenced in Court and they ask you for a character reference do you know what to do? The purpose of a character reference for a person who has pleaded guilty to a criminal or traffic matter is to bring to the Court’s attention details of good character about […]

Red Light Camera Fine NSW | Leniency, Demerit Points & More

Running a red light Camera is an offence attracting 3 demerit points and a $481 fine within the state of NSW. Failing to stop for a red light in NSW is an offence covered under Regulation 56 of the Road Rules 2014. These types of offences are often enforced by red-light cameras on the side […]

Fail to stop and give particulars following a collision

It is an obligation on all drivers in NSW to stop at the scene of an accident and give personal details and/or particulars to the other driver, any person injured, or the owner of damaged property as a result of a collision regardless of who is at fault.   The maximum penalty for this offence […]

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