How to make the executors job easier

Undertaking the role of the executor of a will can be difficult, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one. The executor has six months (Supreme Court Rules 1970, Part 78, Rule 16) from the date of death of the deceased to file for probate. Filing after this date requires an explanation to […]

Weird and Wacky Wills

It is estimate that over half of all Australians do not have a will, this can often lead to problems when dealing with the deceased’s estate. You should give careful consideration to your wishes when you die and who should inherit your estate.   That being said, a will is often used for some weird […]

Electronic signing of legal documents during COVID-19

New South Wales has introduced temporary legislation to allow for electronic signing during the COVID-19 crises under the Electronic Transactions Amendment (COVID-19 Witnessing of Documents) Regulation 2020  by using Audio Visual Links. What is an audio visual link? An Audio Visual Link is often referred to as AVL  and is simply any technology that enables […]

What happens if a person dies without a will in NSW?

If a person dies without a will this is known as intestacy or in intestate. This essentially means that the deceased has not disposed or dealt with their assets properly. In order to properly dispose of the assets administrator must apply to be Granted letters of administration in the NSW Supreme Court. All property is […]

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