Parramatta Children’s Court

If you have been issued with a notice or for some other reason you are required to attend Parramatta Children’s Court contact Catron Simmons Lawyers and speak with one of our qualified experts to provide you expert guidance, support and representation.

Parramatta Children’s Court is located at 2 George Street, Parramatta. 

Phone:                 1300 679 272

Matters typically dealt with at Parramatta Children’s Court:

  • Traffic matters such as drink driving, infringement/penalty notices, licence appeals
  • Domestic violence offences
    Apprehended Domestic/Personal Violence Orders
  • Drug matters including supply
  • Assaults and other criminal offences
  • Bail Applications, Mental Health Applications
  • Care proceedings

If you would like to speak to a criminal, traffic or AVO expert then contact Catron Simmons Lawyers for straight forward reliable advice to ensure the best outcome for your matter. Please call on (02) 8883 0726.

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